Brave alternative

have any Brave alternative with the same privacy features protection or better?



Firefox + which extensions? firefox raw is not better than Brave …

If you want chromium based then use ungoogled chromium and if you want just any other browser then firefox (as @danarel said) and about addons you can use what at website ? (not all but some, for me i use umatrix, cookie autodelete, https everywhere and decentraleyes)


I’d actually argue it is. Brave is honestly nothing but Malware created to sell their Cryptocurrency and support their ad business.

It’s also funded by a Facebook boardmember who also runs Palentir. It screams surveillance capitalism.

I have zero trust in Brave or those who run it.


I particularly use these extensions in Firefox:
HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, Invidition and Redirector.

(and for iOS, I use another browser called SnowHaze - only available for iOS)


Ghostery sells data to ad companies. I stick with UBlock Origin to block ads and trackers.

For the record my extensions are:

UBlock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Badger


DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials (I use this because it gives each side a grade and lists each tracker easily, great for doing privacy research)


lol. I use Ghostery since a long time ago so i never knew that, for my lucky in sensitive datas I use through Virtual Machine and Tor. Good to know, i’ll remove it from my Firefox.


I’m using un-googled chromium as a part of my compartmentalisation.

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Ghostery right now is owned by Cliqz which is a company that creates a browser just like Brave which is privacy oriented and fully open-source. So Ghostery right now is a great piece of software that collects literally no info from their user by default. Plus even if you enable “human web”, their open-source way of collecting highly anonymized statistics, they solely use that to improve their smart anti-tracking module which is an AI based solution that aids the block-list based approach. So I would say Ghostery is pretty safe now.


Can you really classify something as malware if a user voluntarily downloads it and gets exactly what they signed up for? You might not trust the software, but that doesn’t make it “malware.”

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They don’t exactly advertise that it’s being used to market their own products, or sell their own ad services to you. They tout being privacy respecting. They also claim to block ads, but while they do “block” some, they also allow others (like their own), and this isn’t clear either.

So yes, I would call it malware because to the user visiting for the first time, they may be fully unaware that it’s all about making shareholders wealthy.

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I use Pale Moon which is a fork of Firefox.
It works for me. I got tired of the problems with Firefox and the Chrome like features.
It is more privacy focused.

But not as security proofed, that’s why it isn’t listed.

Ok. What do you mean by that?

Unsure why it is stated that Ghostery sells data to ad companies. It has been proven now to be false since the company has changed hands again.

Smaller team, slower security updates, unsigned extensions, legacy extensions support are the main parts.
To be fair, I think it’s still great, and still a better option than using G chrome for example.

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Yeah, Firefox. :rofl: If you’re using Android, use Bromite.

Switched from bromite to Firefox preview, never looked back.

Can you get that via F-Droid or Mozilla directly? Because as far as I know, the only way to get Firefox is via Google Play.