Anybody Heard of boring phone, a dumb smartphone that runs a fork of lineage os.
Wondering if it is still being worked on?

They should have included Email app. I mean, it is used for communication, not social media. And no browser? Though I understand that. I’m usually wasting my time in (mobile) browser. It has too good SoC for such limited use. Maybe they could save some money (lower the price) by choosing slower one. And less RAM. I wonder if it’s still possible to install F-droid or Aurora Store

Even though I’m usually using Signal as messaging app, I also use some others. So I don’t like the fact I’m locked to one IM service

…it’s often not enough to simply say “I’m going to use my smartphone less.” To shift an unconscious habit we need to take conscious steps that change our behaviour.

I don’t know, I’ll try this, starting from today :smiley:

bro you can’t buy them right now :frowning:

The other thing is - why would I pay €300 for a device I’m not going to use?

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bro :rofl: :joy: :grin: