blacklight447 Taking Over PrivacyTools Service Administration

I am announcing today my departure as sysadmin from the PrivacyTools project. Long-time team member and current editor-in-chief, blacklight447, will be taking over as interim project sysadmin to manage existing services currently operated by PrivacyTools, including Mastodon and Matrix.

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Thank you for maintaining PrivacyTools and all its services. I’m sure I’m speaking for many others when I say this.

Well wishes and take care, Jonah.

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Is probably not often enough that we all realize that all this is only possible with the efforts from people like you, and now @blacklight447. Thank you so much for keeping this going on for such a long time, and keeping a healthy atmosphere around here.

I hope you’ll still come by from time to time? Have a great one, cheers!