Bitcoin Wallets (what is missing)

Why exactly? Just because it’s the original blockchain crypto? Privacy wise, it doesn’t hold up, and since we are privacy orientated, why should it be listed?

Where exactly do you need Bitcoin wallets and similar being listed and recommended on Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying?

No, because BTC is taken as a gold standard and it is and since a lot of other coins are backed up on it, it is needed to give certain information about how to better handle BTC. A lot of services offer BTC as their only payment when it comes to crypto, sometimes it is needed to buy other cryptos (small and unknown altcoins can’t start selling by cash at first), maybe you just want to hold and since BTC is a lucrative coin you want to invest on it (and since it is the first of its own we can give examples on how to do it right, but not with every coin).

I think it is important to mention how it can be a little more private since it is such an important coin, if cryptos ever become a payment AFK bitcoin is going to be one of the first to be implemented.

I guess they deserve its own section, something like “Cryptocurrencies” and then you can show privacy coins, soft wallets, hard wallets, markets, etc.

Good example of a hard wallet (, good example of a market without KYC ( ;, etc.

That isn’t a logical reason for inclusion; Bitcoin isn’t private. Is this Privacytools or SomewhatPrivacytools?

I totally understand your point, but we are not going to stop using BTC any time soon, and until that happens, PTio’s duty is to recommend the closest to a private opsec that using such currency can bring. Similar thing is going on with IM, some of the recommended ones have a lot of privacy issues, but they are as close to a true private alternative from what we have. When things change, criteria will be higher, which is what is happening now with the updates on the e-mail section.

If we are lucky Open Bazaar and/or Particl will become more popular and help with the exchange of privacy coins for goods and services.

I agree. But that would not be Bitcoin. When companies like Chainalysis help law enforcement and tax agencies trace Bitcoin transactions to real world entities, you know Bitcoin is not private. To argue the point, that Bitcoin is private is a fallacy.

Yes, because these have some privacy features, but Bitcoin does not fall into that category. Why? Chainalysis can trace a transaction through the blockchain all the way back to the exchange. There, depending on the government and powers of the agency asking questions, they can force the exchange to divulge the identity of the wallet.

Bitcoin fails the privacy category. You can argue that Bitcoin deserves a place but no argument will hold up to the evidence.

What is Chainalysis? I’m not saying BTC is private, I’m just saying that we are going to keep needing it for a while until some other coin replaces its almighty power in a lot of markets. I completely understand your point and I would love to not need it.

If Chainalysis can only trace the transaction unto the exchange I guess it depends on the market, there are some that do not ask for KYC, I don’t know what other kinds of data they log, but you can probably anonymize the rest with Tor. There’s also Bisq, the prices are higher, but they don’t ask identifiable information. Or amaybe I’m missing something.

Can’t agree more, a warning stating that BTC will NOT protect your identity should be added if PTio ever adds a cryptocurrencies category.