Beta testers needed for our open source email forwarding service

Thanks for answering the questions and for following up on the “transparency report” answer. Yes, the transparency report question is about government data requests, not financial info.

i sent the email!

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Thanks for taking the time to look through it, those were just some personal design preferences of course but I’m glad at least you’re paying attention to these details.

I absolutely agree that the free tier is more than generous with 3 alias. I will consider subscribing to give it a fair try and give some more feedback overall. Thanks for building this!

Just replied :slight_smile:

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Please let me know if you spot anything that can be improved. We are all software engineers in our team and are not very talented (to avoid saying “suck”) at design :smiley:.

Oh right i forget to give you my feedback about theme: where is my little dark theme ? white theme looks good but where my little dark theme option ? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: and about emojis, for me a linux user i got troubles with emojis because i needed to install external fonts so i just mean emojis good but try avoid them ? unless you have your own font to make sure they appear right and about 3rd parties sites like cloudflare for me it was kinda bad (i know you need to ensure of you website’s safety but same time i want to ensure mine too right ? so yeah i blocked every website else that connected to your root url :joy: )

Just added this ticket on our roadmap♥, feel free to vote it to make it happening sooner!

Thank you for letting me know about the emoji issue! What Linux distribution are you using?

Some UI libraries on SimpleLogin are loaded from CDN (CloudFlare is a popular CDN) to benefit from browser cache: a popular lib is used by a lot of websites so it’s quite probable that it’s already in your cache.

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I’m using debian and to make emojis work (at least in firefox only) i need to install font called “fonts-emojione-svginot”

Well, i hate 3rd parties so it ended me up blocking all of 'em and i not see a issues (at least for now) so its cool to me

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A quick update on SimpleLogin: