Beta testers needed for our open source email forwarding service


We are building the first open-source and self-hostable email alias (or email forwarding) and identity provider service, called SimpleLogin (

In terms of email forwarding, it works in a similar way to other solutions (33mail, anonaddy, spamex, mailcare, etc): all emails sent to an email alias are forwarded to your personal email address.

We have some differences though:

  • Open-source and easy to self-host. The self-hosting is based on Docker and could be run on almost any Linux server. The hosting instruction is on our repository at

  • Generous free plan: there’s no cap on bandwidth or number of replies/sends. The Free Plan is enough for protecting your personal email. Premium Plan targets at more “advanced” users with features like custom domain, unlimited alias or catch-all alias.

  • Open Roadmap with some upcoming features: email directory, extension for Safari, mobile applications, etc. Feel free to check it out on

  • Export your data: this tiny feature is actually missing in a lot of solution we tested. It allows you to change the service provider if someday you decide to leave SimpleLogin.

The code source for the server is on and browser-extension at

Please let us know if you have any questions/feedbacks/critics.
SimpleLogin team.


Hi, it looks really good! It would be great if you could answer these questions that @LizMcIntyre created to have some idea if the product/service that everyone offers respects users’ privacy.

It would be helpful to have all the questions and answers in one place. (If something doesn’t apply, N/A works.) Here are all the questions:

  • Who owns the company/organization? What percentage does each owner hold? (December 31 of prior year and current date)

  • Have you changed how information is processed and shared in the last year?

  • Do you share data – even “fuzzed” or “anonymized” data – with any of the owners/shareholders or any other company or organization server?

  • Please share a diagram showing how information flows when a user interacts with your service.

  • Which components of your service are not open source? Where can we find the code for the open source components?

  • Have you had any independent audits in the last three years? Please share the dates of those audits and audit reports.

  • If you require sign-up or account creation, do consumers have easy access to tools to delete their data? Can they delete everything on the servers or just the local cache?

  • Is there a way for consumers to view any information you have collected about them?

  • What is your business model? How do you fund operations and make money?

  • Do you offer a transparency report?

  • How is data secured (in transit and at rest)?

  • Who has access to customer data?

  • What 3rd parties have access to customer data?

  • What processes do you have in place if there is unauthorized access to data?

  • What customer data is collected, how often, and in what level of identification?

  • Will changes to your Terms & Conditions and privacy policies be communicated to end users at least 30 days in advance of any changes? How will these changes be communicated?

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Please find below answers to the questions:

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it looks awesome but could you make it support more than endpoint ? i mean for me i do have 3 emails (to spread out my data) and can you make it more names instead of just 3 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@esmailelbob thank you for your message! By “endpoint” you mean “alias” right? The free plan contains only 3 aliases and one needs to upgrade to have unlimited alias.

If you are a student or working in university, we offer premium plan for free! Otherwise would be happy to offer you a month of trial if you are interested.

Thank you so much for taking some time and answer the questions!

I have a few doubts, here:

And here:

According to your website, in the privacy policy webpage:

Analysis: we use cookies to help us to analyze the use and performance of our website and services

We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our website. Google Analytics gathers information about website use by means of cookies. The information gathered relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of our website. Google’s privacy policy is available at:

How do you manage to use this product without giving away data to third parties?

Just as Son stated, that is a premium feature, if you make no difference between the free and paid plan no one is going to spend money, and that is not how you make a business.

According to your website, in the privacy policy webpage:

You are absolutely right about Google Analytics. I should have specified that point … We don’t give GA any additional information but they do know the fact that you are on SimpleLogin landing page via their script put on our website.

Our webapp (that’s where you manage your aliases) don’t have GA tracker though.

We have a ticket to change GA in our roadmap ( It will be done probably next week.

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I use AnonAddy because they use almost no third party services, support BTC for payment, self-hosting (AnonAddy is open source), and PGP encryption on forwarded emails. So for me this is missing some of those features.

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False, I have just checked again and they do not support it, and even if they did Bitcoin isn’t that private since how you obtain them has a lot to do with how private they are since almost all of the cryptocurrency exchanges require KYC. And even if they did you can’t ask services created by a small team that are still struggling to exist to adopt them, I know bitcoin is more or less stable but not everyone can accept a crypto that may or may not end up going down in terms of value.

This also applies to SimpleLogin, did you ever read the post?

I don’t know if SimpleLogin has this feature, but it would be a nice one.

Still, why instead of what you did, you do not provide what features would you like to see, or some kind of feedback in a more constructive way?

Just a quick update: we just removed Google Analytics. For those who are interested, we decided to choose GoatCounter, an analytics service that doesn’t track users, I actually learnt about its existence thanks to this forum :slight_smile: . We have pushed up this change for a quite long time to focus on other features but I guess now it’s time to make it right :slight_smile: .

I added “Support for BTC” and “PGP Encryption” into our roadmap, please feel free to vote on the ones you’d like to see coming. Support for BTC would take some times to come however as to be honest, no one in our team really understands BTC. In the meantime, we also support IBAN transfer or other kinds of payments, just drop us an email at and we’ll find a solution :slight_smile:.

Regarding Anonaddy, I think it’s a solid service and it’s a good thing that you already use it! We are quite different to Anonaddy though (see my initial post, most of points apply to Anonaddy and other existing services in general). I think it’s not fair that I criticize another similar service without them being able to answer so please get in touch with me at if you need more technical details about the differences.

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They support it. If you make an account and you check the subscription page, you can see that they support Bitcoin/Monero payments. You just need to contact their email.

I did read the post. I realize the way I worded may come off as misleading, but I meant self-hosting as something that AnonAddy has that appealed to me (I only said that Simplelogin is missing “some” of those features).

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Mmm, I see it now, sorry for that.

Sure, no problem, I just thought that it would be better if you say some stuff that you would like to see instead of comparing a service with another as if this one is worse. I know that they could improve some things but that does not mean that what they are doing is not worth it. Excuse me if I sounded a bit aggressive.

end points = how much emails associated with my account in your site like i have 3 emails (protonmail, tutanota and mailfence) so i want link them all with aliases in your site and yes in student (i can send more info by email so send me yours)

thats how mafia works

We have this feature in our roadmap actually, it’s called “multiple origin emails” but it means the same thing: . Don’t hesitate to vote on it to make it higher in the todo list :slight_smile:.

For lifetime licence, please send us an email at with your student ID or certificate. Cf for more info.

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I think by transparency reports they mean nsa requests and such

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Agreed, they are not the first

Thanks. For now we haven’t received any NSA requests yet.

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It looks good, I just signed up and tried it out and seems to work fine and fast. The default first alias could’ve been at least more random than ‘my-first-alias’, I realize it’s free but theres only 3 alias available and one is already taken by this one which is not really descriptive if one needs to match an alias with a particular service.

By the way, and this is just a preference of mine, I’m using Keepass and the sequence to enter the credentials in your site needs to be adjusted because the forgot password link is right next to the username input field. It’s just a bit annoying that I have to go back and change this, that all.

The “How it works” section with the cards should have a larger background that covers all three cards. I tried in different browsers and the first and last card are overflowing a bit. Might want to adjust that just to make it look better for visitors (I bet Google Analytics doesnt tell this stuff :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your feedbacks! The first alias is indeed to show that user can really put anything as alias but you’re right, that takes up 1 out of 3 allowed aliases. We will probably increase the limit as one would run out of 3 aliases quite quickly. We cannot go unlimited alias for free users though as we still encourage users to upgrade to pay the rent :smiley:

The “How it works” section has been slightly redesigned, we don’t like the blue background neither and just need another confirmation to finally change it :slight_smile:

We just moved the “Forgot password” button to another location, hope Keepass would be happy with this change :slight_smile: