Discovered via the open source Cliqz Search extension:

Cliqz βeta

Search Privately

As far as I can tell, beta service previously disappeared some time after February 2015, returned some time after August 2019:

One good thing is that they have an onion service running for it (clear net only obviously)

Also, They argue that they only use their crawled content which seems to be the case due to my own testing, but also due to the smal number of results. It still useable, at ~60% i´ll say.

I think the little stars, means that this search engine, provide their own ads instead of relying on the bigger ones like G or Bing, but i don´t understand the case for mojeek then… It is ads free ?

Despite using the Cliqz browser on desktop (And maybe phone too, which seems to be based on a more heavily forked Mozilla fennec browser, with a bit of download issue for my usage), I’ll keep using Qwant instead.