Best Security System w/ Privacy In Mind?

I’m looking into getting a security system for my home and i don’t want to have ring, google, basically any big data collector so whats the best way to go about this and what cameras do you guys recommend. Money isn’t a limiting factor all i want is quality, reliability, and privacy.

Hi Anonaddy1,
I’m sure some more knowledgeable people than me will recommend better solutions regarding privacy but I would suggest having a look into Synology solution for cameras : basically what it does : you go with a Synology NAS (which means you selfhost your things) and then you buy a compatible camera. Meaning, in theory, everything should be self-hosted and not share with Google etc… In practice : I tried Synology NAS in the past and really liked the experience but I never had the chance to try cameras with it.

Other better options I think of would be to self-host doing everything by yourself (and not relying on something done by Synology which is closed source software I think) : so for example having an old computer you can use as your video storage solution and cameras connected to it. I am not knowledgeable enough here to give you the exact setup you would need but I’m sure it will be better than a Synology solution as you could go with open source softwares and really know exactly what is done by the OS etc… Sure other people will comment on that and give you good ideas to look into.

EDIT : did a quick DDG search with the term “IP Cameras privacy” and that’s some interesting possible softwares you could look into or next people having experience with could comment to :

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you can get cams and raspberry pi or that “nas” server thing — i mean something like local server in your home. local server so you own your data :smiley: :+1:

that’s a great idea but what about performance such as scrubbing through video and what software do you recommend

yeah i never dealt with cams :joy: but I mean if it’s a raspberry pi or NAS, it gonna be local server so all you need to do just grab the IP of cams — the thing that concerns me that what if you are trying to access outside the local network so i guess depends on your needs made it only local or made it online with security like hard password or something