Best screen share, text/video chat NON recording program

I have been searching for programs/websites that offer screen share video chat that respect privacy but then they allow recordings. So, how that can be called privacy if the other person can record everything from you???

I need video chat, text messages and screen share for work but nothing else. Any suggestion please?

i’m not sure but what about jitsi ?

I would try Wire

You really cant prevent the other party from recording your video.

You can put all the high tech DRM protections and “military spec” encryption to prevent the other party from recording from their side of their computer only to be defeated by a simple video record function of a cellphone.


To elaborate: Ive tried Zoom and they prevent the app from recording, but only on their side. Underneath I had OBS the entire time recording the stuff they didnt want to record.

They also wanted a video stream of me but I could loopback a video as a feed to hide the fact that I have a mounted video camera in front of the screen.

If your stuff is sensitive/critical enough, do the presentation or whatever needs to be done in person and have security search them for wires/bugs/etc prior to the meeting. This is overkill for most of us.

I think I check it and they allow recording

Thank you, I will check it

Yes, I completely agree. My stuff is no ultra secret or anything like that.

I just want it not to be so easy to record and as you said, if somebody want to record just let him do the extra work.

Also, to avoid those places that tell us that respect our privacy and at the end make it easy for the other person that you are “trusting” to record everything they want.

I need to share screens for work. Skype is great but they keep all the records to sell them later or track you.

Also, I don’t want companies obsessed in keeping records about their users. Some companies that promise privacy, later, when you read their terms and conditions you can see that they will not only keep records but share them with their partners in crime.

indeed, its both. i use it when i do record videos but works good as screenshot app too