Best file sharing mobile client of any?

What’s a good file sharing service which respects user privacy?

Is there a file sharing app that’s decently secured for mobile? I see the website has a few desktop clients/websites but none for mobile. Any recommendations?? Thanks

firefox send

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That’s actually the first place I check and I see their website is unavailable.

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Mozilla announced that Firefox Send would be temporarily shutdown due to malware abuse, until a system to prevent said abuse is set in place. There is a Firefox Send command line utility that you can still use or host your own instance, since the source code is available even for building your own Android app.

I have heard of Onion Share but never tried it. For synchronization I really like Syncthing; it does require a little setup on both ends, so is more suited for continuous file sharing and synchronization.


Firefox Send is temporarily unavailable while we work on product improvements.
We appreciate your patience while we make the Firefox Send experience better.

Has been suspended by Mozilla recently (I think it was last month) and since then Mozilla slashed their team so now I’m wondering if what’s left would try to work on Send or will just focus on things they think are more important ? We’ll see, but personally I won’t be surprise to see in the future that Send is totally abandoned and won’t come back (I hope I’m wrong, I used it and loved it).

OnionShare : I used it in the past (before Send was existing) but has tremendous difficulty convincing people to install Tor Browser (it requires the receiver to have Tor Browser installed to be able to follow the onion link). Depending your situation it may be the best option. For me as I was sharing things with friends who don’t care about privacy and don’t want to understand anything about it they were reluctant to touch Tor Browser because “it is slow !” and “I’m sure it’s a malware!”. So I had to give-up, that’s why I was so happy when Firefox Send arrived on the scene :slight_smile:

You can also have a look to those :

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