Best browser for Android?

Firefox vs bromite vs Brave browser which is better for Android?
And if Firefox is better than bromite and Brave than which Firefox should I use normal or beta version? And which add-ons to use?

I would say probably get the Fennec Fox version over on F-Droid then put the regular recommended addons in it (Decentraleyes, ublock origin, privacy badger, etc).


Thanks for suggesting fennec

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Just keep in mind every time you start testing out a different browser – you’re probably trying to use the sites you use all the time – you’re increasing your attack surface and substantially increasing your risk.

Whenever you’re testing out new “clients” especially, have a set of test accounts and ideally a separate test device/environment so that you can minimize that risk.

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i would use bromite firefox is to much buggy right now and crash a lot and for brave it leaks your phone model and other stuff so just don`t use brave

Yeah I download bromite and it’s very fast compare to Chrome and Brave browser