Best alt to firefox, brave or ungoogled? or other?

Given some recent changes at Mozilla, including it’s said the firing of most of their security team, and also some serious recent discussion about eliminating user.js as an option for modifying FF preferences and thus killing off ghacks effort here, it seems that the future for the browser may not be very bright. If you think so, do you think modified Brave or Eloston’s Ungoogled Chromium might be the best remaining options for privacy concerns?

Use Iridium or ungoogled just don’t use brave

ok thanks a lot!, I will try out iridium.

What’s wrong with brave?

There was a Scandal and brave dose say it is private and stuff but what they really care is just making money they don’t Actually care about your privacy

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they have to make a living its a business after all

Well they could have made it priviter like enabling freeze user agent in the flags but they don’t

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Iridium: I find it concerning that they haven’t had releases since April and like Brave require enabling user namespaces.

Brave: delisted before, homophobic CEO, several scandals regarding whitelisting trackers, cryptocurrency market agreements, collecting donations of their own cryptocoin in name of websites that didn’t opt-in to name a few issues coming to my mind right now.

Ungoogled Chromium: as far as I am aware, they still don’t have any officially supported automatic updating method, so there is a risk that user never gets security updates after installing it.

Firefox: I am also concerned on the situation with Mozilla, but for now I find it the least bad option. It’s also currently the only browser that has features that make my browsing a lot easier such as Reading mode or Tree Style Tab.

So what would be the best chromium browser?

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But all of these other browsers don’t have the tracking/script/fingerprint blocking like in Brave. Do you mean I should use add ons to fill in these gaps?

The news that Mozilla fired its security team and that the security of Firefox is threatened seems to be wrong, e.g., as stated here:

Mozilla restructured its security functions “to better ensure the security of Mozilla and its users,” Mozilla said of the cut. “Some positions were eliminated as a result of this effort, but the teams responsible for the security of the Firefox browser and Firefox services were not been impacted.”

There are also other media sources that tell the same story (= Mozilla didn’t fire its security teams).


I don’t have any inside information to say the least but there are some comments that they did cut their security team anyway:

also quoted at ghacks:
"In that very same thread where someone from the Mozilla team announces their firing, other companies are piling up on them to try and recruit them. Says a lady from Amazon :

“If you’re part of the @mozilla layoffs, and you’re looking for a home at @awscloud, i’d love to help. if security/ec2 aren’t your jam, happy to help intro you to other folks.”’

Anyhow some people seem to be concerned about this

i’m still using firefox tho…i think its best one still out there, nothing overcame it yet but if you want alts i would say waterfox or even tor browser (or even disable tor connection and use it as normal browser too) and in chromium i would say ungoogled chromium

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Internet browsers are such a dumpster fire these days with less and less true options to pick from, especially now that Microsoft has given up its own browser in favor of Google (not that it matters).

With that said I dont believe there is any true alternative to Firefox (or Tor Browser for that matter) right now or in the forseeable future.

If you’re reasonably technical you can do what I do and open up Wireshark or tcpdump and then open your web browser , without visiting a website to at least check if its making any unsolicited connections.

That’s what I do :smiley: So I have already done the work :smiley:

I use these web browsers:
Tor Browser

I DID notice UnGoogled Chrome and I downloaded it, but I was too biased and couldn’t bring myself to install it in order to test it out - so unGoogled Chrome might be ok :smiley: Same for SecBrowser - I just never tried it out… Oh, and I believe there is also a GNU web browser that I also didnt test out only because I have enough web browsers already lols

Yep, I don’t use FF :slight_smile:

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Didn’t know about LibreWolf, thanks. I will take a look.

No matter what Mozilla makes, I’ll keep using Firefox, as it is the best all-round browser IMO. Also, whatever Mozilla is doing, it’s still way better than any other competitor (Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Maxthon…). As mentioned earlier, I also have Tor, Vivaldi and Cliqz installed, each for different purpose.

I really hope Mozilla will make good business solutions in future, and be less dependent on Google (and other large privacy invading companies). In that case, they might invest more in FF and TB.

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Ungoogled Chromium is fine, it’s kept up to date, following the official chromium releases fairly closely, depending on your OS (Windows binaries lag behind somewhat). As far as updates are concerned, there are ways to keep it updated automatically, if you used a package manager to install it then you can just use that to keep it up to date.