Being unique all time or beeing as everyone

Hi, I am pretty new to privacy. I’m trying to do all things right. While I am researching, I read at using linux, blocking javascript, even using Tor browser makes you unique. I am using canvas blocker. This extension fakes canvas settings. I am unique each test for browser leaks test but with different fingerprint. I wanna to ask which metod is reliable. Being unique everytime with faking such canvas settings or beeing like everyone is good idea to hard to identify.

P.S. English is not my native language. Sorry If I make mistake.

The whole point of fingerprint is, like cookies, to track a unique identifier across multiple sites. It would be best to be unique everytime because that achieves the desired result of not having the same identifier in two separate places.

However I’m not too convinced this is really possible for every site because there are several ways of obtaining fingerprint of your browser, using different set of data points available some of which involve the very hardware of your computer. Things like your timezone, color depth and even the very fact that you are faking some values can be detected.

In short, theoretically a unique ID that doesn’t follow you around is most desirable but much harder to achieve than blend into the crowd. The best example of this being Tor Browser which you shouldn’t modify at all to achieve this effect.

In my personal and not at all expert opinion, it’s much better to compartmentalize your activities using separate browser configurations for separate purposes. Different addons, different privacy settings, even different window sizes. And if you can, even different devices. This way you generate different fingerprints that will be tracked, but never correlated to each other.

It takes some time to get used to this but actually is quite easy to do, and it helps me to stay organized and be more productive so for me it’s a win-win. I really hope I’m not getting this wrong cause I’ve gotten too used to this by now :smiley:

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The take away is: Use Tor for sites that can support running Tor Browser (for anonymity) otherwise use Firefox or maybe use a mobile phone and use Bromite for chrome compatibility.

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Thank you. I wanna research about installing multiple version of same browser. Good advice.

In mobile I haven’t very fancy control over browser. That is why I prefer browsing on PC. Thank you for response.

You can just use profiles instead of separate versions of the same browser. That will become very tedious quickly, but profiles are simple to manage and switch between and the effect will be the same. On Firefox you can create profiles by visiting about:profiles, and in Chrome by clicking on the top-right icon and then “add”.

I suggest using different themes for when you have multiple windows with different uses at the same time. This will help keep focus on what’s doing what easily and stay organized.

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