Availability of VPS

I would like to know which VPS service people are using / recommending.
I’ve been using Njalla for VPS and domain, however downtime and lack of infrastructure is really hurting.

I’ve seen not so good reviews about Bonhoff (not sure if I spelled it correctly) as well. Also with latest changes to Swedish laws it’s not very valid recommendation?
Datacell redirects to rackbone and that website has SSL issue?
That leaves only Orange, it looks quite expensive.

On the other hand, Should one really worry about VPS provider, if hosting is provided over HTTPS and VPS drive (or home folder) is encrypted (apart from not supporting business in 14-eyes)?
In latter case (avoiding businesses in 14-eyes), does any provider in Iceland work?

Main purpose of hosting is just nextcloud, if that’s relevant.
Mastodon and pixelfed maybe added later.

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Just an update:
I’ve found 1984.is I’m going to try it.

If anyone have review about them I would like to know.

I am on i-83.net for the price, but I sadly cannot recommend it due to kernel 2.6.32-042stab127.2 which amongst other things makes it incompatible with Debian 10.

Thanks, didn’t look through their website much because of your comment. However on first look i-83 VPS seems to be max of 1GB RAM - Nextcloud actually has problem with that (especially if I enable OpenOffice). As of now 1984 has good pricing, I’ve not setup everything yet but hoping I like them in long term.

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