AV source code fire sale! (3 US AntiVirus companies breached


Not really privacy topic, per se, but ‘without security expect no privacy’ is why I share it here.

if any rely on AV (made in US) then do please keep your eyes open for funny stuff…especially new signing keys as well maintain a close watch on AV related Android apps and browser extensions/addons. I imagine those targets will be exploited first (if the 3 offered them, as most all do nowadays)

(source article is heavy laden with JS and wouldn’t load article locally, first link- arstechnica could be read without JS permissions given)

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looks like McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro are the ones to be wary of in the coming months.


I love it when source code leaks.

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Thanks for giving the names of the companies. It wasn’t clear from the Arstechnica link.

Outside of enterprise, who even uses anti-virus software these days?

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We should crowd fund the source code for the lulz.

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Probably 90+% of computer users.

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at time of arstech article no one knew who it was, the follow-up link is later, darknet seller/buyer chat (afaik)

and I’m agreeable to Jonah’s 90% computer users. through the early 2000s, with the dominate OS being windows and the focus of ‘exploiting vulnerabilities really does pay’ undercurrents, paving the path of concern that will take a long time to get away recover from. Now-a-days M$ is pretty damn good on the secure front, arguably as good if not better in some regards than linux, so mostly (imo) it amounts to FUD prey marketing tactics these last few years.