Are these VPNs untrusted?

The circled area covers 2 VPNs that seems to be omitted (both logo and website address). First one I know is ExpressVPN but don’t know the other. Are these VPNs not trusted anymore?

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Good question. I think uBlock Origin or the filter lists are removing these items. What adblocker are you using?

its the same for me, i tried disable ublock origin on PTIO for a sec to see which one it was, and it was, which i remember a couple of years ago there was a discussion about them verifying some users email adresses. which they talk about here (in swedish), and here is their answer

uBlock Origin in hard mode.

If that is the case, I have more to add. I couldn’t get into the OVPN website. Seems like their service is no longer running. That might explain the removal but what about ExpressVPN?

Yes, disabling uBlock returns ExpressVPN and OVPN, But why?

Using hard mode, usually is the reason why. Try changing the rules for, or consider whitelisting the domain. doesn’t employ any bad tracking, and obeys the Do-Not-Track request. Another option, is to start using medium mode.

Changing the rules doesn’t work. Only disabling

i can reach the website, so that must be on your end

It’s an issue with a filter list that uBlock Origin is using, more information: