Are these plug-ins safe?

I’m using firefox and TorBowser with QubesOS, but I’m lost trying to add these add-ons. I want to improve security and privacy, but I do not know if they are secure add-ons.
Facebook Container

Google Container

Youtube Container

Reddit Container

Amazon Container

Adguard AdBlocker

Firefox MultiAccount Containers

Temporary Container

Adblock Plus

Adblock for Firefox

So please tell me if these are safe. Please let me know which add-ons you should put in others. (Points such as security and privacy and convenience)
Also, add-ons listed in have already been added.

Add nothing to TOR, it only risks breaking anonymity.

If you use multiaccount and temporary containers you shouldn’t need the other container add-ons.

There’s a good guide here:

Adguard and adblock are redundant with and inferior to uBlock Origin, so just use that.

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Does non-privacy related add-ons such as Firefox Notes or WeAlias also break anonymity on Tor?

It’s a risk. I wouldn’t profess to know what they do and whether they change browser behaviour or leak info.

Some have argued that cosmetic add-ons, and those that don’t do anything to change settings or requests (password managers, bookmark tools etc.) may be safe.

Why risk it though? If you’re wrong you will stand out.

Some add-ons (mentioned above, plus floccus, bitwarden) provide much better user experience and make browsing with Tor as good as with any other browser, plus it keeps anonymity. So it would be great to know if they (don’t) affect anonymity

a lot of Containers, just use more than one firefox profile (just go to about:profiles)