Are there software freezes due to Chromium or Firefox?

Not entirely sure where to put it, but it has to do with frequently hard computer resets I’ve been having. I’ve been having increasingly frequent computer browser freezes. Give it maybe an hour tops. Eventually I’ll have to completely restart it from the ground up, and completely lose progress on whether it is I was working on.

I’d save what I worked on, but often times at the point it freezes, is precisely when I’m needing to save something.

Is there a chromium based browser that’s causing this issue? Or might it be a firefox based one?

It doesn’t effect localhost apps like syncthing. But that doesn’t matter, as by that point my browsing is so frozen, I can’t do anything.

Just today, I had to restart my computer five different times.

I tried looking up the cause, and it says its a browser plug in issue. But all the plugins I use are from privacy tools.O_o

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Seems to be something else to me, probably a virus. Did you scan for malware?

Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Linux doesn’t usually get viruses.

IMO this looks more like a hardware issue but I’m no expert, something like overheating, maybe your fan is working poorly.

From what I’ve read that exploit affected Linux too, but I don’t know if this is the case. Still if you think you have been attacked encrypt your HD, wipe and reinstall.

Yes, it’s unlikely you had infected on linux but you didn’t mention that before. The freezes occur only when you use the browser?

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Well, its weird i would say chrome because it’s suck more rams ? im not sure so maybe give it to PC expert to see what apps you using or what your pc components

Yea at the moment, the freezes were happening only when I use the browser.

I use kubuntu, is that your case? The kernel randomly fails sometimes

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Is your machine perhaps going out of memory? If that is the case, you might want to try something like earlyoom, and if that results to something getting killed all the time, maybe try also zram-tools (Debian package name) to enable zramswap (compressed swap on RAM) and if it still happens, add more swap.

In case of a kernel panic, I think you should see keyboard leds blinking.

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Hum! I dont see keyboard blinking, the screen just freezes. I was told it was a kernel problem by a friend, but he is no expert. How would ypu know its a ram problem? It freezes even when I am doing non demanding tasks

I like how I have ended up appropriating this thread; Im sorry @LWFlouisa

I think you would have system monitor visible all the time on top so you would see if memory was full during the freeze.

In general, it’s possible that your system logs would have something relevant to the freeze if you have configured them to be stored after reboot. If I understand correctly, with systemd you would use /etc/systemd/journald.conf and find description for that in man journald.conf.

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