Are tempemails safe?

Are tempmails safe?
Do you know some open sourced and/or encrypted?

If you asking is tempmail selling your data or not. I guess they are but you already using it to sign up to spam sites right ? i mean if you visit temp mail website from Tor then it will be hard to identify you and you already adding dumb usernames so it will be a little change to know its real you but if you using it like daily signup i not recommend it because i can easily reset password by that way — and all i know there is a website called simplelogin it hide your real email address (aliases, in case you using temp mail website to hide your email address not for spam signup)

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They are safe if you use them for stuff that couldn’t hurt you if they are leaked, you are supposed to use them for shitty places that require an e-mail.

All of the above are FLOSS.