Are popular encrypted email services worth it if you use alias?

Just a thought I had. I’ve been a Professional Subscriber to ProtonMail for a while now and thought if it was a waste of money, if I only used it for Bridge and aliases. I am a student and was given a alias account to SimpleLogin and use aliases with my Apple mail email. Still not the best when it comes to knowing fully about security circling encrypted services.

they worth because alias is just like a proxy, still your backend need to be secured so all you can do get PM free and use simplelogin students

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Thank you

Well, I don’t think they are really comparable, email encryption and email aliases are different features that exists for different purposes. Personally I wouldn’t get the expensive professional plan that ProtonMail offers only because of the aliases. Unless I’m interested in both encryption and aliases, especially if I can have both services in one unified UI.

On the other hand it may be a good idea to diversify services and get encrypted emails from one provider and aliases elsewhere. This is the approach I prefer and take currently, if that helps. Either way take in consideration that aliases are meant for others to never find out your ‘real’ account, but won’t protect your email communications (you are actually introducing a new point of failure in the security chain by involving another party).

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