Arabic translation Project. Make a Change

Hi, I posted a thread in PrivacytoolsIO subreddit tilted “Adding Arabic Language to the website. Make a change.” and I loved the community reaction and the feedbacks.

The idea behind this, was that in order to preserve a democratic society, people need to have power, and surveillance, censorship & anti-privacy laws are taking that away especially in the MENA region under those authoritarianism regimes who target journalists, bloggers and activists. Such practices discourage freedom of speech.

During the Arab Spring, the people of Egypt, Libya, and Syria witnessed full Internet shutdowns as their respective governments tried to end protests, packet filtering, ISP filters, ASN blocking, portal censorship and the removal of search results, network disconnection and connection reset.

My native language is Arabic, my second is french. I can translate it all. I can help the 578 million people here to voice their opinions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for this community.
Stay safe.


And as i replied on your reddit post, i will reply the same here too xd.
If you want a hand i’m here :smiley:

As Egyptian i can confirm what the OP saying is true


Hey Esmail,

Sure, i’m just waiting for the site admin approval to lunch an ad-hoc team.

Thanks for the support.

Stay safe.

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A syrian here. I could join you guys too :slightly_smiling_face:
But tbh I guess we need to work on a paper instead of translating the whole website. My idea is that the PTIO Team should do the paper orginally, just simply explaining very basic things for normal joe users. As an example:
1- Operating Systems: Windows isn’t really safe for People who care about their privacy or security and feel attacked they could be followed by their gov. . We would suggest using Linux, it’s safer than windows for many reasons (and then mention a couple of them, which could benefit such people such as hash verifying so that governments can’t put malwares on the fly in the files they download)
You can check our recommendations on: (Link for the website)

2- Instant messaging: Whatsapp or IRC aren’t safe for people engaging in Protests because they could be decrypted or the server keeps to many logs. For people you trust, you should probably use Signal. For large gatherings, Matrix is the way to go.

and so on and so on. This will give normal people some really basic steps towards more privacy. They don’t care what’s the difference between 128 AES encryption and the others, nor what exactly does E2EE do, or explaining why TOR has a guard node, they just want their messages to be encrypted because they have other things to do than understanding these things. But still, I would be more than happy to participate with you guys :slight_smile:

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it sounds good, we can start from these then expand from there


Nice approach.


Stay safe.

We are all in favour of as many translations as possible really! May I suggest that you join our Matrix if you haven’t already so we can discuss all this in a more conversation-like manner.

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Hi, I joined the Matrix


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