Approving Questions to Ask All Privacy Companies

This post is to everyone, but maybe there is someone in Privacytoolsio that needs to approve. Maybe @jonah or @blacklight447 ?

Is Privacytools ready to move forward with the plan to ask all recommended services the suggested final ownership and data processing questions developed by the community?

If not, then let’s discuss what revisions need to be made or if PTIO has decided not to move forward with the project.

If yes, then we need to approve the final recommended questions. Not sure how that’s done.



I would also like to know what the team think.

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I am fine with the questions, but I don’t consider myself to be in the position to approve them on behalf of the PrivacyTools Team and I don’t view myself as a good person for reaching out of the community.

I am not even that much involved with most of the community recently, only trying to read this forum and GitHub, while dreading what is going on at the Matrix part of the community, trying to avoid burnout and feeling that I have had a falling out with most of the team which is one of the reasons why I am avoiding Riot.


Glad that you liked the idea, I’m looking forward to see what the rest of the team think.

I feel you, I try to be up to date with both subreddits and this forum and sometimes it’s too much lurk, I couldn’t be present in every platform of the team. I hope you are well and that you can resolve whatever happened with the rest of the team, if you ever need to talk with someone you can count on me.


Hi @Mikaela - It is to keep up with everything. It’s also hard to stand firm on convictions when you’re in the minority. I also feel that way too often. Be true to yourself, but please remain. It’s often the divergent voice that makes all the difference.

Feel free to ping me or email me. I’m @LizMcIntyre at reddit and Twitter.