Apple Is Not Your Friend

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I never understood why people associate Apple with privacy or a genuine interest in the well being of its users.

A cursory glance at their privacy policy shows that they collect PII, they have full carte blanche to distribute PII to 3rd parties and they can change the terms any time they want. From a logical standpoint, their privacy policy has no inherent value for a consumer.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if you use Apple/Google/Samsung or whatever; pick whatever works for you. But don’t give me this bullshit about Cook being a visionary or Apple being “forward thinking.”

They are a generic silicon valley oligarch institution. They don’t give a fuck about anything. What I find really annoying is that unlike oligarchs in other countries, US oligarchs for some reason insist on dull, contrived, “feel good” messaging. And Apple is one of the worst when it comes public dishonesty.


great job wizard!!!

Apple Accused of Selling ITunes Customers’ Listening Data

I can’t imagine that this will go anywhere. I haven’t read the iTunes TOS, but I would be willing to bet that it essentially grants no rights to the users and allows Apple to do anything in perpetuity.

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