Apple introduces an allegedly prvacy-focused single sign-on solution

I don’t believe Apple about them not sharing data with 3rd parties as they explicitly give themselves the right to share PII with 3rd parties for whatever reason. It will probably be marketed under a “improve your Apple user experience” pitch of something of that sort.

I am also skeptical about take-up among services. You would be limiting your options to just iOS/MacOS users and as per Apple you wouldn’t get data (realistically I think it would be smaller resources that wouldn’t get data from Apple). So why offer this?

That’s the third party; the website you sign into.

This is a logical service extension to Apple Pay

Sure. But this is not a true privacy feature.

Also it looks like supporting this setup will be mandatory for ios devs. Who could have thought? :laughing:

While I wouldn’t say we should “trust” Apple with data, they do have a compelling reason to sell (at least the idea of) privacy to their end users. It’s in their best interest to do so.

However, we can’t completely trust they will especially as their business model continues to evolve.

Agreed. But we should also treat it as what it is: marketing.

Can’t disagree with that. Though, I would say, if they got caught selling or sending info, after making all these promises, it would be a nightmare for them. So from that aspect, we can build at least a little trust.

I think for most, it should come down to their own personal threat level. What info are they giving Apple that maybe they shouldn’t if they believe they are at any level of risk?

For most people, even that little level of privacy is probably good, and at least better than Google is offering.

Of course Apple can say they’re supporting privacy, but in all honesty so are other companies, and as long as iOS and MacOS remain in a closed system, Apple continues to be unfriendly to consumers. I still want DRM to stop being enforced, but that won’t happen. This is why I plan on cracking the DRM from iTunes on my computer. That way I can watch the shows wherever I want to, all without the need to sign into iTunes.Yes, I purchased the product, so I get to to do what I want with my product.

I wish IndieAuth became more popular, even if it’s not clear to me if Apple SSO is going to be iOS-only or appear around the web.

It will be required for iOS apps supporting third-party sign-on, and it will be available on the web (@Mikaela) so it can be used by anyone with an Apple ID.

It’s a net good thing for privacy when the alternatives are “Sign in with Facebook” and “Sign in with Google” (many apps only allow these nowadays). Now Apple users have the option to keep their trust in Apple, who they already trust anyways, rather than needing to have a Facebook or Google account to use completely unrelated apps.