Anyone used email service?

Anyone used email service? Is it really secure? I recently created a account in and I am getting confused weather to use or protonmail…

I had a riseup account back in the “Anonymous-Collective-Being-Popular-Era” :slight_smile: At the time I never noticed any political requirements other than what’s generally just human nature of a decent human being - against government/corporate oppression, etc. It was anonymous-y

However, my Tutanota account that I used to sign up with it seems to have been deleted as they started deleting email accounts not used for 6months or more. So I can’t access riseup even if I wanted to lols.

Email providers seem a little sad in 2021 I find:

  • Tutanota restricting the # of free accounts and deleting accounts unused for more than 6 months.
  • A popular “throw-away email service” that I won’t name lols, whose accounts don’t expire recently stopped registration for new users/accounts.’s website doesn’t load on either of my 2 PCs as of recently (A blank white page)
  • - I have views on freedom and such [why I once owned an account], but I’m ultimately apolitical by 2021 standards.
  • Protonmail… um ya… still working.

Email… it’s like cell phones you know… they’re inherently insecure. I remember spoofing email addresses when I was 16 years old.

What to use ? hehehee - good question :slight_smile: any1 know ?

Ideally in the future I kind of hope email will be viewed as obsolete and people will send their CV/resume or message people via XMPP, or encrypted dropbox and such. Sadly, it seems people need to be opressed for anyone to want to make changes (like going from What’sApp to Signal or Telegram) it seems -_-

My personal preference: Ideally , I would know someone or host my own encrypted email service.

At moment I use permanent “throw away” emails and ProtonMail . But I would definitely like something better (I create my own GPG keys so ProtonMail never sees my private key :))

thanks for asking btw :smiley: i went to the site and checked out their links ‘radical servers’ section

there’s some interesting stuff there :slight_smile: