Anyone know of Decent Privately-Run IRC Servers by Individuals?


so i was just looking around and I noticed a website running their own IRC server and allowing new users/guests to use Tor

i was wondering if anyone else knows of any other IRC servers like that that allow first-time users to use Tor, VPNs, etc. :smiley:

i don’t like freenode because they require you to create an SSL cert to register your nickname with on their non-tor service before they allow you to connect to it with Tor.

Why I’m not asking for XMPP, Private Matrix Servers, or Mumble Servers ? Well I did in a different post a while back and no one answered lols. But IRC …for whatever the reason may be…seems to be used more … so i thought I would ask.

I wouldnt do anything considered illegal on IRC or anything lol… i dont trust Tor + SSL that much hehehe

I love having options though.

GPG Key if you prefer; PrivacyTools Pastebin
in case its super secrettttt