Any thoughts on Slimsocial (Fdroid)?

Hi everyone!

Have slowly being getting into the Privacy and security arena and implemented most of the tips on Privacy tools. Deleted google, microsoft, encrypted mail, privacy friendly search engine and browser and so on. But for my use case I really cant avoid using Facebook as most of my friends are on messenger (I am aware of Zucking). So I was looking into alternative ways of using it. I saw Slimsocial for facebook app on Fdroid. Anyone here who have used it or have you all just gone over to frendica?

Its just a front end for their website, might as well use a proper updated browser.

Better yet, use their official onion address with a Tor Browser. The experience is horrible though.

Just so you know, just because you’ve stopped using their app doesnt mean their tracking stops. People can still tag you and you can appear in their map of activity. Also the manipulation of your feed doesnt stop as well to control your emotion, generate FOMO, etc.

I’d consider quitting all together and not post social media, open source or otherwise. You could still network the old and inefficient way - face to face. But the pandemic isnt really suited to such a thing right now.


I totally agree with you that the ideal setup would be to avoid social media. I have managed to limit myself to Facebook (for messaging and facebook groups) and I have tried to convince some of my friends to jump over to Signal. But people still very much stick to messenger (the whatsapp-signal wave doesnt seem to have affected Messenger users).

Pandemic times or otherwise I am heavily reliant on online networking.

Just wish there was a setup where you could chat with people who are using other services without having to actually have an account for that specific service (like XMPP). Because the sad reality is that majority of people are stilling using Facebook, messenger and whatsapp.

But really appreciate the input. Didnt know Facebook had a onion site lol.

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I feel you. My close friends doesnt want to jump with me. They cite that the addition of another app on their phone is too much to manage. I think they feel like I am imposing my privacy requirements on them as well. In retrospect I should probably have made a gentler push and used subtle manipulation to make them use Signal.

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Yeah I suppose it is really how you approach others about it. Anywho lets hope people catch on as Signal and other similar apps gets more mainstream.

And as for the tracking part I am aware of what I am sacrifing from using Facebook. My main concern is the possibility of Facebook accessing everything else on my phone when I use their apps. I read somewhere that many apps uses Facebook ads. So I was thinking maybe using Progressive web apps, Webapps Sandboxed on my phone would be a viable option. For computers I can simply rely on browser isolation.

I think similar browsing isolation can exist in mobile phones.

The only solvable problem left I think is just browser fingerprinting. Generally, an unmodified Tor Browser (or Onion Browser for iOS) better in that regard but the experience is just so painful.

For your usage, maybe a regular mobile browser could work (Firefox preferrably). The concern with Slim Social is, while it is open source, it will always fall behind a regular browser when it comes to security updates.

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