Any recommendations on 'hidden web' search engine?

What do you people use to search the hidden web?
I couldn’t find any recommendations in the corresponding section.
I, currently use Phobos what are your thoughts about it?
Any better alternatives you might recommend?

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i use wikis for onion websites

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This one ?


Yup, like that one

Are you referring to the Hidden Wiki? I strongly recommend against people using it, especially if they’re new to Tor. If you’re just looking to explore, that’s fine, but any financially-based services on it are scams. As far as search engines go, I generally use not Evil (though it sometimes gets undesirable results).

When it comes to Tor, most of the search engines are iffy at best, because they tend to index a lot of phishing links, etc. There are a few other search engines I use on occasion. You have to be very cautious about which link lists you trust, because unless they’re well moderated, there is a very high chance that you could either click a scam link or something malicious (like the aforementioned phishing link or something where you could download malware).

A good example of a scam site would be ones that claim to have “bitcoin doubler scripts”; all of these are scams - they sound too good to be true, don’t they?


Also, be extremely careful about using onion proxies like,, etc. They also have a tendency to infect you with malware or, at the very least, they can collect a lot of data about you (user-agent, IP address, etc.).

People have asked me in the past about using them, because they’re “faster” than the Tor Browser, but this really isn’t an advantage since the purpose of Tor is anonymity. Since this is a privacy tools forum, I thought it important to point that out!



thats my purpose.

who buys from tor ? also most everything there are scams. people can hide easily so i can easily convince ya and take your money so for me i recommend do not make any financially based services except if its like really famous place

bitcoin hacked one time from in whole its life so i doubt and if someone understands blockchain he wont get in that scam because as we know hash will prevent that kind of manipulation and you will tell me not all understands how crypto works i would tell you by that you went in tor and knew its stuff you are already advanced enough to be already knew about crypto and how it works to use them in tor right ?

Ahmia is the one which .onion (http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/) I have stored, but I don’t often go searching for anything there, so I don’t know about the quality of results.

On the Hidden Wiki, why do you recommend that one (of the dozens of them) and how do you know that the links there are correct? See Shut up about The Hidden Wiki - Matt Traudt. I also wish to link to this onion index.

There is also PrivacyTools issue requesting proofs on linked onions being correct, but it’s not entirely topical.


Thank you, the article is REALLY on topic.


Matt Traudt’s blog is a very good source of information, actually, as he works for the Tor Project. He’s helped debunk a lot of the myths surrounding it. The Hidden Wiki, if I’m not mistaken, was designed to entrap people who were new to Tor (or if this wasn’t the case, it was just the fact that people could easily add scams to it). Tor66 is one of the newer search engines/link lists that gets decent results: http://tor66sezptuu2nta.onion/about (the “hidden web” is one of my passions, can you tell?)

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who buys from tor ?

A lot of people! Although most who do are buying things like drugs or carded accounts, and things of that nature. Some aren’t scams, but in order to be able to tell the difference, you would need to try them out or get information from a reputable source.

you right but in my area. from people i dealt and people i’ve seen they use it for normal browsing so yeah i talk from my point of view :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: I had recommended not Evil as a good search engine originally, but it’s now gone (permanently AFAIK). Tor66 is a pretty good one that’s up right now.