Any reason not to use KeePass (the original one)?

On Windows, I am using the original KeePass as my password manager.

Is there any reason not to use it, though?

I’ve seen that PTIO lists KeePassXC, but I believe it’s probably because it is cross-platform, unlike KeePass, which only runs on Windows and we shouldn’t even be using Windows in the first place.

Is there any advantage to using KeePassXC on Windows instead of KeePass?

Tell me what you all think. Cheers!

KeePass is technically the upstream code so newer features should pop up here.

Otherwise they should technically be all the same-ish? Like you i dont see much difference.

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I think you are absolutely right about why KeePass on it’s own is not listed as an alternative by PrivacyTools. The developers of KeePassXC also explained their reasoning behind why KeePassXC instead of KeePass?.

I use KeePass on my Windows machines simply because I’ve gotten used to it. It works great, so I cannot see any reason not to use it, though I should try out KeePassXC for Windows as well.


Keepass is C#/mono and KeepassXC is C++/Qt5 so they are not sharing the same code. KeepassXC is a fork of KeepassX which forked Keepass at the time to port it to Linux.