Any Qt5 C++ Programmers Want to Compile a Windows Web Browser?

hmm so what i did was i took an open source Apple WebKit Qt5 web browser and added some code to it to block 3rd party images, 3rd party css, 3rd party js, etc. And it compiles and works great under Linux :smiley:

It’s a single-process web browser as well that has built in SOCKS proxy support (i.e. tor), disabling of javascript while allowing you to whitelist websites individually to enable JS on them :)… etc… lots of great features :smiley:

The issue is compiling this with for a Windows build for whenever I ever use Windows 7… I can’t get it to compile and I’ve tried:

Visual Studio 2013 - i got a ton of error messages abouot missing header files and i suspect VS can’t even find Qt on my PC…>.>

Msys64 - this actually completes the build phase lol, but gives a fatal error on the linking phase and doesn’t generate the exe :frowning:

Qt Creator - nope and I’ve tried just about every configuration I could think of.

cmake --build - nooo… I forget what the issue was but no it didn’t work either :frowning:

If anyone is interested in the windows browser (or linux i guess) then I can send the code over (or if you’re on Void Linux - also the binary) I may make an AppImage… Anyway I would like a windows exe if anyone can compile it ?

um… retroshare, tox, xmpp, jami, amule -_- (i know, random - amule hehe)

also im not sure if im allowed to post this - so no hard feelings if its deleted :slight_smile: but WOW compiling on windows seems awfully just plain silly and wonky…

if you make stuff with qt5 but not comfortable with C++ - seriously if you can get a windows compiler working properly,… writing C++ is easier than that okay lols

I could try CodeBlocks with MinGW but i have a feeling codeblocks might not be complete enough to be able to compile something like a web browser…?

okie so nvm - i got it compiled with a win7 exe for whenever i actually use windows7 for something lulz

nope, can’t delete posts here. i did without VS xD