Any Other Privacy-Centric Groups/Communities Online?

Hi friends :smiley:

I don’t really use reddit :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if anyone knows of Any Other Privacy-Centric Groups/Communities Online ? I guess that could also be privacy-centric FOSS groups or people that make their own software technology

So I’m not in America and not American - I don’t really hang out in any “chan” places or any clearnet domain name that begins with a numeric value. :slight_smile:

They do not need to be English-Speaking either

Feel free to leave a reply here or if you prefer to contact me privately:

  • Direct message here as plain text or GPG
  • Feel free to ask for an onion SSH login I can give you
  • Tox (you should use it with Tor so your IP doesn’t show), retroshare, xmpp, etc.
  • messages put into image files with a hex editor if you really wanted to lols

I’m not American either.

If there’re other communities that discuss about (globally) privacy and people can reach people from different corner of Earth, I would like to know too!