Any openSUSE users here?

I dunno if this is privacy-related but it’s GNU/Linux so… I should be fine???

Anyway, this is a thread where you can talk about your experience with openSUSE (pronounced open sew-zuh for those who don’t know). Doesn’t matter if you distrohopped to it or if you’re using it as your main driver, I wanna hear how your experience with it is so far.

My computer has openSUSE Tumbleweed, the rolling release distro. It is very stable and I’m a satisfied user of it. YaST is a great tool, I don’t have to install GParted (although that’s good partitioning software), and I’m used to the package manager (YaST Software Center) which is minimalist, but I don’t really mind (in fact, Discover is ew). Oh and I’m running KDE Plasma 5 on it, it looks pretty and it’s very customisable.

Setting up Wine (usually to run Japanese-only games and anything of the sort) was rather fristrating, but not too difficult, and was worth it when I managed to start up a few games (Hamidashi Creative, for example). I don’t use Wine for anything else anymore, proprietary software is out of the question.

(Except MS Teams, though in an RPM package, I’m forced to have it bc it’s the only way to keep up with lectures…)

All in all, I’m satisfied. Never really ran into huge problems with it since, like I said, it’s very stable even though you’re always up-to-date with Tumbleweed.

I hope I don’t sound like a hypocrite…


Considering how easy linux is to customize, it’s hard to really have any issues with it

I used OpenSUSE for a long time . Then for a while I tried optimizing my PC for performance and so I started stripping like everything away from the OS until …it wasn’t really OpenSUSE anymore lols. So then I just installed Void Linux. If anything happens to Void linux one day, I would probably just switch back to Slackware like a weirdo lol