Anti-recommendations section, what do you think?

How about just a section about apps which claim to be private,
might even believe themselves, really aren’t, however IF SIGNIFICANT amounts of people are using some of these and there is knowledge of this over here.
Maybe just a little section on why you might think x is great but rather it also does this and this which negates all of it’s virtues.

I don’t see that necessarily in-sighting a flame war on the site. But I might be wrong.

Epic Browser is a meme. Digital Ocean VPN :joy: :joy:

That and the fact that it’s based off an outdated version of Google Chrome lol.

Even if Chromium is more secure than Firefox and Pale Moon, we shouldn’t recommend Chrome-based browsers to anyone (including Iridium and UnGoogled Chromium) because they don’t free you from Google and you’re still supporting their browser monopoly. Using UnGoogled Chromium is just like using Startpage or Invidious.

Firefox isn’t a terrible browser if de-spywared and addon-hardened, but configuring Firefox for privacy (and having to repeat the process every time the browser is updated) is so frustrating and time-consuming that you’re better off just using a fork that respects your privacy by default. The problem is these forks are dependent on Mozilla and have to deal with their terrible decisions (if Userchrome.css is removed, GNU IceCat and LibreWolf either have to remove it or maintain it themselves). GNU IceCat isn’t even up to date (still on 60.7). LibreWolf is up-to-date but it died for a long time and will likely die again (if it hasn’t already), but for now it’s one of the best browsers out there.

I think Brave and SRWare Iron should be anti-recommendations.