Another silly project, hope it works this time

Welp, i first made I made new silly project :D then turned out i was dumb :joy: so here is my second try. i remember one of folks here asked to make little app that encrypts data before send it to clipboard. and i tried to make it but i dont know, i found nothing to help me but now i found some sources and i did it, I DID IT! with little cons tho. it works in linux only maybe in future find another good way. so here is is: and all info in readme file and if you any questions tell me

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any c’mon guys, reply or do anything. let me see you are alive :joy::joy:

While I don’t see the point, you could merge all your pip commands into one,

pip install clipboard os sys base64 pynput and possibly add --user to not need root and I think some of those libraries ship with Python and don’t need separate installing, if not all of them.

The modern way would be to use pipenv if I understand correctly which would have the additional benefit of not messing the system wide packages and freezing versions that you know to be working.

At least someone commended :joy:.

Yes you not see the point because there is no point, when it comes to ship app for users i’m dumb in that part so thanks for your notes also darn you know more about python more than me… :sweat_smile:

but beside that, anything in codes, ideas in the app?

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Hey, I don’t know if it’s completely pointless as Mikaela says, I think there’s a minimal attack vector in grabbing text while on clipboard, I don’t know, still, it’s an interesting little tool to learn to code. I’ll try to install it tomorrow, and btw, I’m learning Python at my university, so I may be able to help you with the coding, and also writing a better readme since your English sucks, sorry, just being honest.

Tomorrow I’ll try to give you some feedback.

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I may have some theoretical knowledge, but I have no practical Python skills and the most with coding recently that I have done is completing the Ruby course at Codecademy and as it’s so hot and I am lazy, that will probably start rusting (no pun intented) away unless I think of something to upkeep it or where to apply the ability to deepen my knowledge.

Nah ik my english is sucks :joy: (its grammar only, lol) and sure why would i refuse help? so take look at code, try run it and im here — and its pointless or not im not sure but i remember on of folks here said they want app like it and in that time i tried to make it but could not so here i’m did it :smiley: (maybe that guy left from here now :joy: but yeah still it was in my head and i did it)

Well, you know info and it seems i still dont know it so yeah. thanks for your notes :smiley:

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