Anonymous Torrenting

Would it be possible to torrent anonymously with DNSCrypt and anonymous mode enabled on qBittorrent, and will it be more private if i use a public proxy?

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just use proxy ? any “online free” proxy (inside the app)

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I have no idea what is anonymous mode of qBittorrent, but Bittorrent has traditionally been a bad protocol for privacy, considering how it has made deanonymizing Tor users using it very easy by sending real IP addresses to trackers.

DNSCrypt will at most allow you access the tracker if it’s blocked on DNS level, it won’t make you anonymous or prevent your ISP or VPN from knowing that you are accessing the tracker.

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Can my ISP see every site i access, even though i have DNSCrypt enabled?

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But won’t the people behind the proxy see everything i do and be able to link it back to my IP?

they will but its will be on torrent only also one time use so yeah for me its not big deal but if you want you can use paid vpn like proton or mulled (did not test it) or even use paid proxy

Hi guys

Does it worth to use DncCrypt & VPN together for torrent?
Also Deluge torrent client - worth to switch on in & outbound encryption?

Yes, even if you ESNI, your ISP can see where you are accessing by IP address with 95 % accuracy.

Based on that article, I opened this issue to consider what we need to change on Privacytools page about encrypted DNS.


DNSCrypt and VPN depends, you need to trust both your VPN and your DNSCrypt provider, unless if you are using anonymized DNSCrypt, which they recently announced, I think it may make sense and hide your DNS queries from the VPN provider, but they would still be able to identify the sites you visit with 95 % accuracy (and as said in the article, there are other ways how sites you visit are leaked).

In case of VPN itself, I think torrents are one of the only places where we consider using it to make sense.

Does your ISP perform traffic analysis and throttle Bittorrent traffic? If yes, you may want to enable it, if not, I would always enable enforcing it regardless, but that doesn’t prevent your ISP from knowing that you are torrenting nor hide what exactly you are torrenting.

Edit: see also Discussion: DNSCrypt-Proxy