Anonymity o/s wishlist


just curious: do you feel that your functional needs are met using qubes/tails/heads etc.? are there new technologies you’d like to see incorporated in said o/s’s? if so, what?

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(Mikaela Suomalainen) #2


I wish Tails supported Flatpak so newer version of some apps would be easier to get, even if I am aware that those can be a risk.

I am very occassional user and I mostly boot it just to update it, so I have a recent version if I happen to need it.

My main complaint would be that it uses Pidgin1 which gives you bad user experience with IRCv3 and XMPP which may be a side effect of it supporting multiple protocols which some say to be recipe for supporting them all badly. I wish it used Gajim1 (or at least Dino1) and HexChat instead.

HexChat again has a bad habit of overwriting symlinks which used to make Tails unhappy, but the previous time I powered Tails off it seemed like my symlink was saved, so maybe something was fixed in Tails.


@Mikaela this is exactly what I was after. Thank you!

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(blacklight447) #4

I use Qubes OS as my daily driver, it gives me everything I need as a sys admin. There are something things I would like: unikernels by default for sys-net sys-firewall and sys-usb, to reduce attack surface and increase performance(and lower system requirements). What I also would like is power 9 support so I can run it on a Talos II computer for a that sweet open source hardware.


@blacklight447 TIL about Talos II and that Power processors are still a thing. :smiley:

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