Android Operating System Alternative

Is there an alternative operating system that I could install on my phone that you recommend?

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What phone do you have?

just look into the website,


Sorry Sony, Android (plus extra characters to have this thing let me post)

Wish I could use something different on the new S10 lineup.

I mean it all depends on your particular model. I’d research LineageOS probably, see if they have builds for your phone. It’s still Android, but you can not install Google services and it’ll be pretty private.

Sailfish OS isn’t mentioned on (due to the Russia connections IIRC), but if you are interested, Mer Wiki has a compatibility table and downloads for various ports of it.

I have a Jolla 1 (which came with SfOS) as a backup phone, but there are apps that I am missing and Android apps eat battery fast (they are only available for official ports by Jolla due to aliendalvik being propietary) and I am happy with it as an alarm clock and scheduler and it still getting updates after all these years unlike many other phones I have had and the lack of reliable updates is one of the reasons why I hate phones.

i just installed lineage os (microg version) on my sony xperia. seems all good.

My sony xperia does not allow to free the bios to flash another os

I feel so frustrated… You buy the damn phone and you can’t run whatever you decide.

what model do you have?

Xperia XA2 (useless text just to get to 20 characters)

this is strange, i have XA2 Ultra and i installed linageos without much problems. XA2 also is supported by lineageos.

Have you tried CopperheadOS or Kali Linux NetHunter?

Copperhead is sadly dead, GrapheneOS is its succesor.

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Postmarket OS is the one I’m most excited about. What’s not to like about the linux kernel on a smartphone, with it’s heavy security focus. When combined with Flatpaks, it should be a great choice.

I’m using /e/ ( on a OnePlus 5T. It’s the only mobile OS that is 100% ungoogled, and has a focus on both privacy and usability. It’s not only a mobile OS actually, it comes with dedicated online services.

I’d be very curious to learn more about the reason why LineageOS is listed at as it doesn’t have any focus on privacy actually (just use their web browser, it’ Google search…)

Lineage OS doesn’t use Google apps either.

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The reason is that they cannot legally redistribute Google apps, but most people will install the separate package from LineageOS website: (wiki dot lineageos dot org/ gapps.html)
However, Lineage offers Google search as default search engine (preconfigured in Jelly).

Lineage is not privacy focused in the same way firefox is not. They can, however, both be configured for privacy, and neither generally does anything egregious by default.
Both could have better defaults and make more private choices, but they are vastly superior to their closest more prevalent alternatives.

I disagree, I think /e/ mobile OS is really superior on those aspects.