Android - Lineage - How to make as private as poss?

Hi again. I have an old Motorola G smartphone which someone rooted for me and put LineageOS on. I can’t find much info online (for non tech people like me) so I thought I would ask here. How do I make this thing as privacy-focussed as possible? I intend to use it as anonymously as I can, as a phone just for certain contacts in a security-focussed group I am a member of. I haven’t turned it on yet, as I know it will ping my WiFi as soon as I do! Does anyone have any advice for what I should do when first turning it on? I want to be as off the radar as possible, knowing that’s not ultimately achievable if I do turn it on!! I am thinking I should install VPN first (Perfect Privacy), then make sure no google apps are on it (google/FB etc are my main concern, tracking me etc), and then maybe install ProtonMail app to get email going, and then Wire/Signal or whatever. Grateful if anyone could link an article or video which might be simple enough for someone like me to follow, to make this phone as private as I can.