Android Fork with Root Access? Like CyanogenMod?

Hi, I’ve been researching android forks lately, and none of the ones that I find most interesting seem to include root access (GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, /e/ OS).

I see that CyanogenMod was an android fork that included root access. I never used it, but wikipedia says that it’s succeeded by LineageOS, which doesn’t provide root access by default.

Anything similar to CyanogenMod still surviving?

I am curious as to why you need root access? Wont it ruin and undermine the security of the phone you are using? What is your specific use case for a rooted phone?

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Having root access on a device that I own is not an unacceptable security risk, but a requirement. As a software developer, I prefer having control over what runs on devices that I own.

I have already ordered the Librem 5, which will have root access, but it looks like it will be delayed for a while. Getting a phone with an android fork installed might be a temporarily acceptable alternative, which is why I’ve been researching my options.

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