Ameliorated. The new anti-nightmare windows 10?

Hey guys.

So i found something great. yall might wanna look into.
It is called ameliorated. It’s windows 10 but without all the nightmares windows 10 has.
What do you think?

more info about it:


I’ve seen this on Linus Tech Tips as an alternative to Windows LTSB. I think the problem with this one is you wont have access to the Microsoft Defender which forms the bulk of Windows security.

It is good for privacy but breaks a lot of security features (which is bad), some usability, and of course the EULA.

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But then again, it’s still Windows.

Also the trust property – to any extent you can trust a Windows environment – has been bifurcated between Microsoft and whomever is behind AME. It’s not much different than running a rooted iPhone, in my opinion. On the iPhone you have to trust some third-party’s jailbreak, then who knows where you go from there. On AME Windows, removing some of that MS telemetry and stuff also means removing its guardrails. Some AVs on Windows have been as bad as anything, to the point that running Defender without 3rd party AV is probably a more sensible default.

I suppose if you read through that mess of a paragraph, you could say that one takeaway is that Windows is like digital herpes no matter what you do.


as @hauntsanctuary said it’s good from privacy side but bad as usability side so i would say use it if you really need W10 machine otherwise use linux and save yourself the usability and privacy :slight_smile:

yes, i was with that as well… I mean… is it save? Also it seems like it is really hard to update this windows version.

Its too early to tell. Its probably safer to put windows in a VM and block all internet traffic while only allowing specific ones via a whitelist/allowlist. I dont exactly know how to do this. Better ask anyone with more experience in Windows VM than me.

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I have a windows VM set up right now for a few different Windows apps that I can’t run on my main Linux systems. I use Virtual Box and have the “Enable Network Adapter” box unchecked so it has no internet.

Also when setting up windows on a VM they ask for a Microsoft account but you can get around that by turning it off, turning off the internet (via that setting or on your PC as a whole) then going back to that page and you’ll find a new option called “continue without internet?” or something of that nature. It lets you set up a windows VM offline and with no account tied to any of it! :smiley: