Alternatives to All Google Software?

I know that we’re all very anti-Google here, and I hate to admit this, but I’m still using some of their services. It’s been hard to switch over entirely, having used it for so long.

So, my question is, what are some of the best alternatives you’ve found to:

  • List item Google Search

  • List item Gmail

  • List item Google Translate

  • List item G Suite

  • List item Google Scripts

  • List item Google Maps

  • List item Google Chrome

Some alternatives that I’ve been using so far are DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and searx for search engines, Protonmail and Riseup for email, Signal/Briar for messaging, Firefox/Tor/GNU Icecat for browsing, and OpenStreetMap for navigation. Any other suggestions?


DeepL, but it’s not as good as google translate.

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Good question! I’ll just list what I use myself, hopefully it helps:

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  • DuckDuckGo

  • Protonmail or Tutanota

  • Deepl

  • NextCloud

  • OpenstreetMaps

  • Build your own scripts

  • Firefox/Tor Browser Bundle

Yandex Translate is pretty good. And offfers to translate complete websites.


I have the climate anxiety and I recently heard reports of planting trees being the most effective way to counter climate change. Their privacy policy looks good, but there are reports of them blocking Tor.

I have been also using DeepL, but it’s missing some languages like my native Finnish and Swedish (however it got almost comprehensible result translating Swedish as German into English).

When I have been just checking where some geographical area is online, I have been using OSM.

I am using Firefox Beta, except that on Windows I use Firefox Developer Edition (ex Aurora) so Chocolatey won’t remove my bookmarks.

I cannot comment on alternatives to Gmail which I am a bit scared of moving away as it would take energy and they would have less space available, I also couldn’t remove my account entirely due to Android and some other services like Trusted Contacts. (thread Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history)

I don’t know what G Suite includes and I think I am not using it and Google Scripts says nothing to me.

There is also one that you didn’t mention, Google Alerts, but I don’t have alternatives to it either.

Oh, I have partially replaced Google Drive/Docs with NextCloud at least for simple public documents (such as PDFs to be publicly distributed in an organisation and list of RSS feeds announced on a IRC channel).


List item Google Search

-Duckduckgo, Startpage, any Searx instance. For Searx I personally use the privacytoolsio hosted Please, for privacy don’t use ecosia, just use any of the others listed. You have to trust ecosia to not put all your personal data advertisement money in their own pockets.

List item Gmail

-Email itself is already really insecure and privacy unfriendly, I would just find any email provider that’s not by some major company like Google or Microsoft.

List item Google Translate

-If you want something that works like Google Translate, Deepl, but you could also just search for some dictionaries online, most of the time you also have better translation results in that way, because Google Translate is known to act a bit weird.

List item G Suite

-Not sure, never needed it.

List item Google Scripts

-Don’t know what that is

List item Google Maps

-Something based on openstreetmaps, personally I use Osmand+, you can find it on the F-Droid store. It also has the great feature of offline maps, you can download a map of a place and later use that map if you don’t have internet. Multiple openstreetmap based apps exist with this feature if you don’t like Osmand+

List item Google Chrome

-Firefox or something Firefox based, I’ve used Google Chrome before I transitioned to Firefox, Firefox is very easy to use and I now actually prefer it over Chrome because of things like customizability and add-on support.

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Thanks! I actually already use a lot of these - DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail, LibreOffice, Firefox, and Brave, not to mention Tor Browser (which, yes, is Firefox!). Oddly enough, I hadn’t heard of HERE Maps, but I’ve used OpenStreetMaps before.

Other search engine alternatives I’ve used are Startpage, Yandex, searx, and Qwant.

Is it weird that I tried to “retoot” this, and remembered I wasn’t on Mastodon? :rofl:

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  • List item Google Search
    Startpage, DDG & searx
  • List item Gmail
    Protonmail, Tutanota & mailfence
  • List item Google Translate
    Mate translate (the best i found so far)
  • List item G Suite
  • List item Google Scripts
    if you mean google code then i will say gitlab
  • List item Google Maps
    OSMand, Here we go & other few maps i not remember rn, lol
  • List item Google Chrome
    Brave, ungoogled chromium & other few browsers i not remember rn, lol

Wow, anything from yandex would be my last option (OK, maybe the last before the last of wechat / anything China based).
I have no trust in anything based in these two countries, whilst we agree, we’re having no trust in any big tech corp on the western side either… Catch 22, ha?
Some factsu, that influence me:
Kaspersky is banning sites for their Russian VPN users.
The head of was simply discarded after saying they’re independent from the government in a documentary.
Hunting down protesters in Hong Kong based on mobile phone data.

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I don’t use Yandex regularly, but was testing it for some reason. Actually, I came across a Russian-based Firefox plugin that raised my eyebrows very recently (friGate); I mentioned it here: friGate plugin suspicious. After installing it, it appeared that someone else was doing searches from my Google account without my permission - I’m not positive that this was the case, but I didn’t recognize a lot of things that were in the search history!

DuckDuckGo is the most popular one. Searx would be better if it didn’t fail most of the time.

ProtonMail, Tutanota, Mailfence, Disroot, and pretty much anything else that isn’t from Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo.

Firefox and Iridium.

The rest I have no idea.

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I think Google Code was closed for non-Google projects years ago, but I would like to suggest considering Gitea too if you are selfhosting as I have understood it to be less pain to setup.

With my very little usage (mostly I git push --mirror or get a link to some file or file history there), the only feature I am missing is also missing from Gitlab.

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Thx!, i did not know that google code closed & i did not know about gitea too, i just said gitlab because i not able to selfhost apps at this time & because its not bad but not good too (not like github now it’s under Microsoft)

Depending on how hard you try to avoid Google, hosted won’t make you happy as it’s hosted on Google Cloud.

└┌(%:~)┌- host && host has address mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 5 mail is handled by 1 mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 5 domain name pointer
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I didn’t know you had a Git service! So cool! I haven’t coded for a bit (except for some basic HTML5 and CSS3), but it’s something I’d like to get back into!!

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I hate to admit this, but I’m not entirely avoiding Google. I still have a Google account - part of the reason for this is that so many people email me through there, that it feels like such an effort to completely switch over. Be that as it may, I do use other email services like Riseup, Protonmail, and Tutanota for different purposes.

Also, with regard to search engines, I primarily use DuckDuckGo and Startpage, but there have been multiple occasions where no matter what search term I typed in, I could not find what I was looking for - and then after Googling it, I found it. Has anyone else here experienced this? (Maybe I just need to get more search-savvy.)

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why not just protonmail & let other use gmail ? i mean google record your emails! its caught several times (me & other ppl) saying that google was recording everything u bought (by recording confirm email that comes after you buy a thing)
More info: (i hope its allowed to post links of my own posts here xD)

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hmmm, google or MS, google or MS ? i will select google i mean they already got huge data from me & still getting (but not much as past) so yeah also if i just used VPN i can avoid most of that because i will not post my personal data there right ?

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