Alternative to anonaddy?

Anyone know a alternative to anonaddy?

And is anonaddy the best service for privacy (proxing emails)?

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The best choice :

They also offer discounts, very interesting if you have an .edu email address :

We offer students a premium license for free during the scholarship. Just send us an email to from your school email (typically a .edu address) along with your SimpleLogin account so we can upgrade your account to 1 year of premium plan. If you don’t have a school email address, a copy of your student card or another equivalent document suffices. By the end of each period (i.e. every year), you’ll receive a reminder email to renew the license. If you are a student by that time, please send us another email from your .edu account for verification so that your license can be extended for another year. We also offer important discounts or free premium for: professors or technical staffs working at an educational institute, activists, dissidents or journalists, charity organizations. Please send us an email at for more info.

P.S : I’m not at all affiliated with SimpleLogin, just a very happy user. I used Anonaddy before and found SimpleLogin from (have a look, AnonAddy is also selected there as a very good choice), tried it and loved it right away.


I used to use but since it is old-ish it gets blocked/flagged as undesirable frequently. It works on forums (fora?) like these though.

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yup as Vizslander said, i use simplelogin with students plan :joy: but its good i use it over some time now and i can say its good

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I’ve used Guerrillamail before, but it’s not an email forwarding service. As a use case, it’s more for times when a site requires you to use an email address to sign up, and you aren’t comfortable using your primary email address. Unfortunately, I’ve also had an issue with it where the site I tried to sign up for said that the temporary email address was invalid, so this may not work for you! is similar to it.

Love Guerrillamail aslias & AnonAddy UUID Alias.

DEA provide alias are the best choice.

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Was going to post the same question at some point. Thanks for posting it =]

The simplelogin plan for $30/yr looks very good, but if your needs are simpler, 33mail will proxy a custom domain for you for only $1 a month.

I am a happy EmailOnDeck user, it has a free and paid option, it has exclusive domain names for paid users and those are rarely blocked anywhere, they also wipe logs, payments can only made with Bitcoin though.

Anybody else notice guerrillamail was taken down and came back, around the same time as youtube-dl. Not that there’s any connection.