All possible ways to find how websites are tracking you?

Hi, people.

I have project there I need to analyze X amount of website and detect what type of tracking they are using (GA, Matomo and other stuff). Seems like there is no bulk option for this and I have over 100 domains. Anyways, I am planning to do it next way

  1. Use Firefox
  2. Check what uBlock and PrivacyBadge detects
  3. Check just in case what kind of stuff new FireFox protection detects

Any suggestion? Maybe I am missing something. Anyways to speed up things? :slight_smile:

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Websites can utilize many other things to track you (by “tracking”, we mean “monitor what you do on their website”). For instance, there are HTML5 pings, Referer headers, report-to/report-uri headers, and custom-build tracking elements on websites.

(Besides, uBlock Origin mainly blocks already-known trackers (it is based on blacklists), while PrivacyBadger tries to block based on heuristics.)

Even if you block all of this, website operators can still passively track you by evaluating their log files. This neither can be detected (without accessing the web server) nor blocked.

In summary, you can likely never detect each possible way websites track you.

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JavaScript can be revealing. NoScript can show you a list of JavaScript sources for a site. If you had time, you could study what it all does, but websites using 3rd party sources are probably tracked, by first and/or 3rd parties. The longer the list, the more likely. Detailed device fingerprinting may require JavaScript…so a site broken without JavaScript is probably a tracking site.

Also, use TOR browser (has noscript by default). Broken sites (blocking TOR nodes) are probably tracking sites…

Disconnect add-on makes graphics which can be good for reports.