Aether. Thoughts?

i just found and it looks like a good alt for reddit so i was asking if we can just do /r/privacy and /r/privacytoolsio there ?

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you need to download a desktop app to use it

no access from mobile

what’s wrong with this website?

It appears to be on top of

but I don’t see a official PrivacyTools community there anytime soon as I think the team is currently spread a bit too thin with everything else that needs doing and there are already this forum, Reddit, Mastodon, Matrix, WriteAs…

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It is a really nice project, it’s such a shame they have poor Linux support, I used it frequently when I had Windows. I have talked with Jonah and he said that since it lacks centralized moderation it is not a good platform for an official PTio community, plus the user base is really small.

It’s not a website, it’s a P2P software which downloads the data of the posts and comments into the app, that’s why you need it. Mobile and a web version (without commenting support) are being developed.

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yup userbase is small but it really looks good project

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Are you using it on Debian?

no but with thinking, any privacy respecting alt have little user base even mastodon