Adobe accidentally deleted people’s photos in latest Lightroom update

An other great reason to own our data and not give them up to big companies magical “cloud”. Possible solutions :

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I really don’t care when people complain about loosing important files due to software update, malware, ransomware, hardware failure, etc. Everyone should really understand the importance of backup. I keep telling everyone I know, and yet no one pays attention. Friend barely manged to save the important work files, I asked him after if he made any changes in his setup, and of course the answer was no.

On topic:
We often complain about bad privacy policy of Google, MS, Apple… etc. But what Adobe and Autodesk are doing might be even worse. Unfortunately, FOSS alternatives are not so great (Blender is though), but there are many good ones. It might be usefull to add those to PTIO list, here are some
But when it comes to CAD, it not so good. Though there are nice proprietary ones that work on Linux, and with permanent licenses, instead of subscription plans that Autodesk (and others) made as the only option.

Of course, it is different with business software, as users can not choose what their company is using. But freelancers and hobby users might.