AdGuard Home v0.96

Free and open source, powerful network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server.

v0.96 brings

  • Beta update channel
  • Built-in updates
  • User-friendly client names
  • Client settings
  • Access settings

why not just use pihole ? free & opensource

Interestingly both are free and open-source and can be self-hosted. But I’m not really sure what the feature differences are between the two.

They have a comparison in their readme:

The most compelling things they list seem to be more block lists outside of advertisements, and per-device filters which seem pretty handy.

This is the first I’ve heard of a DNS product from AdGuard but it looks pretty nice, I’ll have to give it a closer look sometime.

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Ohh very informative. Yeah AdGuard also has their own public DNS which supports DNS-over-HTTPS but the blocking is pretty light for usability purposes which is understandable.

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For desktop this looks a lot like Dnscrypt-proxy with good blocklist management, i’d say it is a very good app! (idk about android/iphone though).

Adguard DNSproxy doesn’t support DNSSEC so that’s not desirable and I’m not very comfortable with the fact they run their own DNS server now with it either… (thinking about adblock+ acceptable ads policy or other such whitelisting sort of deal (plz excuse my paranoia:/

from: Acknowledgments

You might have seen that CoreDNS was mentioned here before — we’ve stopped using it in AdGuardHome. While we still use it on our servers for AdGuard DNS service, it seemed like an overkill for Home as it impeded with Home features that we plan to implement.

anyways, I plan to give it a run on our “media” desktop and see how things compare before I set router up to use dnscrypt-proxy w/blocklists there for home network.


I just replaced my Pi-Hole with an AdGuard Home. The only reason is because of their one-click implementation to get DNS-over-TLS up. DOT is super easy on AdGuard Home and you can add all the block lists you want, just like Pi-Hole. Still testing AdGuard Home but it seems promising.

My next project is setting up a Pfsense, which has something like the Pi-Hole built in.

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