AdGuard and DNS66 as adblock for Android

Hello. I am looking for a simple and effective ad and malicious connections blocker for android.
I made a list of potential programs (AdAway, Adguard, Blokada, DNS66, Nebulo, Netguard) and searched the forum and github. Every app has explanation why it’s reccomended or not, except AdGuard and DNS66.
Is it OK to use these apps on Android? Specifically AdGuard’s HTTPS filtering. I need realy simple and stable app (without manually hosts configuring) for non-tech users to block ads, and AdGuard and DNS66 looks good.

I am not familiar with AdGuards own app or DNS66, but my pick would be Android 9’s Private DNS (assuming Android 9+) and otherwise Nebulo (needs to be installed from F-Droid, because Play Store distribution doesn’t ship with blocklists or adblocking servers due to Play Store terms of Service (unless it has changed recently)).

The integrated option should be the least resource intensive and it’s simple to enable, while as a drawback you cannot whitelist by yourself.

However personally I am currently using the app without adblocking on DNS level as I haven’t understood how to configure DNSCloak with dualstack DNS (iOS) and my Android doesn’t have mobile data and I am using their WARP currently (I should reconsider that though).

Thank you for answer. Yes, I’m using AdGuard’s DNS on all of my and my family’s devices, but it’s not enough in some cases (YouTube ads is very powerful, Android 9 DoT is unstable on it’s own and some apps can bypass the resolver. That’s why I’m looking for more advanced tool to block ads.

DNS filtering seems unable to avoid youtube ads, better use a different app like NewPipe or Skytube on F-Droid

Try using NextDNS. I have it setup in Private dns on my phone and by using the app on my old tablet.
You can create an account and choose the lists to use as well as allowlist.