Add-ons and fingerprint, help

I know that in order to be able to use the web without being tracked we need to use certain extensions, but I would like to minimize these as much as possible since these also create a more unique fingerprint. I would like to know what do you think of my set-up and which extensions do you think that I should keep, and remove.

This is my set-up:

Privacy extensions: uMatrix, uBlock Origin, Smart HTTPS, Cookie AutodDelete, Decentraleyes, Location Guard, Privacy Badger, Temporary Containers and Trace.

Other extensions: Invidition, Fraidycat and Dark Reader.

Which do you think is better and why? Do you know of any better than these options? HTTPS Everywhere or Smart HTTPS? Cookie AutoDelete, Forget me not or I don’t Care About Cookies? Trace, Canvas Fingerprint Defender or Canvas Blocker?

Do you these any of these is necessary? Redirect Bypasser or Skip Redirect?


All of that are just my point of view so it could be wrong.

Remove one of these:
uBlock Origin, uMatrix
Remove This and install https everywhere (well because it’s open source, i never heard of smart HTTPS):
Remove These:
Location Guard, Privacy Badger, Trace

What is that*: Fraidycat ? :joy:

And no, for me i use my brain to access URLs so i not need an addon for that! or if i cant get root URL i just open it inside tor (it’s not fast but well, privacy is not easy)

I use thes Add-ons. I use Pale Moon which is a fork of Firefox.

uBlock Origin
Encrypted Web (A fork of HTTPS Everywhere for Pale Moon)
Crush Those Cookies (Pale Moon Add-on)

I think these Add-ons are a good place to start.

Those are the only ones that I know are completely necessary, since I don’t use NoScript I need uMarix for granular control and I need uBlock Origin to catch what uM does not.

Smart HTTPS is open-source too. I’ve heard of it a couple of times, I would like to know the differences to be able to make a decision.

I removed Location Guard. I’m not sure about PB and Trace, the first one grabbed a lot of trackers and the later could help with fingerprint tracking since I need a couple of add-ons.
Fraidykat is an extension that lets you follow content creators without having accounts on those websites, you go to the extension and you can see when someone uploaded content. It is really useful.

Yes, I think the same, but I have the same or the equivalent of those on FF. What I need to know is if some of my extensions are irrelevant. Thanks anyway!

I am not sure which Add-ons you should remove.
I don’t think it is good to have too many Add-ons because they can slow down your browser.

  • Well, first of all you can’t use uBO and uM together! just use one
  • Well, i just use HTTPS Everywhere, and it’s more common so i can say its has more user base and more secure ? i do not know!
  • Location Guard is good to hide your place (as what i get from it’s name) but you can use VPN, Tor or just block JS on websites
  • Privacy Badger doing nothing because you already blocked trackers in umatrix/ubo
  • Trace is good, it hide your data and spoof it but again you can just close js so trace will do nothing but if you use JS on websites alot, well keep trace, Location Guard (but really you not need Privacy Badger)
  • The weird addon ah i see! ( ?) it seems to me its not open source ? so better use another one or just use to read rss inside browser itself

Fraidycat is open-source, you can check it right here :
Privacy Badger can be useful, to actually ¨discover¨ new trackers which aren´t yet found by your used lists, but i won´t recommend it too, because except if you exceptionally use non-maintained list, it is pretty useless and redondant.
For myself, I prefer to use HTTPZ, as it´s not based on rules to work.

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Ehh, yes you can, I’ve been doing it perfectly and it replaces shitty NoScript perfectly, with NS if I block a 3rd party script on a website then I have to unblock it when it is a 1st party script so it requires a lot of work. With uBO I can block ads, scripts etc and uM gives you more granular control since it lists all of the scripts inside of what uBO would recognize as only one. I would highly recommend you to do this setup.

As PoorPockets stated, and I have stated on a previous post where I recommend it, it is open source.

I have checked the amount of trackers that has discover and it reaches the one thousand more or less, that’s why thought it is helpful. I use some of the uBO and uM lists that are on the settings, would you mind telling me which are the good ones or which ones do you use? Do you get lists from somewhere else?

I know of that add-on too, what’s wrong that the others work with rules? I guess I’ll start using HTTPZ then, idk.

Well, if its open source then he can use it and thx for help :slight_smile:

  • You can use both it just doing same thing (almost same like 90%) so it just useless
  • Well, if its open source i guess you can use it! i mean its still rss reader so most sites can’t see it ?! i do not know but i never found site uses code to detect rss readers so yeah it’s out of fingerprinting you

I am using Ublock Origin (Enhanced Easy mode) with Privacy Possum.
Is Privacy Possum necessary with UBlock Origin?
The developer of Privacy Possum used to work on Privacy Badger.

I don’t see the point on adding false data if you are already blocking every possible way for them to track you. I think PP is unnecessary.
I would use uMatrix if I were you, and configure uB O on hard mode. You could also change C AD for Temporary Containers, I want to test it today because it didn’t work well last time I did.

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I don’t have the patience to be on Ublock Origin Hard mode and have broken websites.
I have enhanced Easy mode. Clicked ‘I am an advanced user’ on dashboard and blocked 3rd party frames.

What I do after creating a profile is going to the websites I usually visit and make them work so it’s less of a hassle; another good thing to make things easier is to use Startpage, and use their “Anonymous View”, so you don’t have to play around with enabling a bunch of settings just to see a website that you are going to use one time in your life.

Still, if you don’t feel comfortable, it’s fine, you don’t need to go further.

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Startpage was sold to System1 ad company. Are you comfortable with that?