Activist Post: Digital Censorship Spreads: Amazon Removes Controversial Documentaries

probably most/all of the community here is aware of the latest mass purge taking place at YouTube, but it looks like there may be a coordinated effort between Google and other companies as well, as there was earlier

Digital Censorship Spreads: Amazon Removes Controversial Documentaries

Following YouTube’s recent purge of controversial content, Amazon removes factual documentaries like Vaxxed , OMG GMO about genetically altered food, and Minds of Men about government’s secret mind control programs.

The truth will not be streamed from these platforms.

Independent news commentator Jason Bermas covers the details in the video below.

Vaxxed is an excellent documentary by the way - something every parent should see

so is The Minds of Men by Aaron and Melissa Dykes

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Huh, I wonder what’s the reasoning behind this. Is YouTube also removing factual documentaries?

that is a very important question and i can’t provide a complete answer, but the short version (or my short version anyway) is simply that governments, private corporations and very powerful organizations and people have a long standing and intense interest in manipulating public perception

the reasons for this are many, but i think the single most basic reason is greed, whether it be for financial reasons, social control or other

for a primer, see Edward Bernays, The Father Of American Propaganda

absolutely!!! there’s a lot of garbage on YouTube (‘no kids died at Sandy Hook’, no planes hit the twin towers, a missile hit the Pentagon, flat earth nonsense (yes, that’s a thing now), etc., but there is (or was) also a huge amount of factual information backed up with good research and creditable sources and a lot of it is politically sensitive, and it’s this stuff that is being heavily censored (in part)

a good example is Ryan Dawson of ANC Report - Ryan is a very good researcher and political activist who has appeared many times on RT, Al Jazeera and even mainstream television “news” - he has been banned, demonetized and warned several times over several years by YouTube because he publishes a lot of stuff that is critical of Israel and Zionism - he’s been booted from Vimeo and claims that they essentially stole $5000+ from him (and i believe him because he’s very creditable)

if you really want to understand the reasons for all of this, there’s many places from which to begin - you might look into AIPAC, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Frankfurt School

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Whoa, thanks for sharing; that makes a lot of sense. I think federated solutions like PeerTube and Mastodon are going to become more popular to combat shit like this.

yeas, i agree - decentralized and open source platforms are going to lead the way

Ah, this looks good, thanks for the rec …

12bytes – thank you for recommending this! I haven’t watched the whole yet, about three out of four hours, but it’s really good!