Account creation (Element): Unable to query for supported registration methods

I went to Element to create an Element Account. When I clicked “Create Account”, I was led to a page with the following error:

“Unable to query for supported registration methods.”

A friend of mine was able to create an account a couple of days ago. If anyone could provide assistance, that’ll be greatly appreciated.

I’m also having this same issue as well. I’ve even tried using a different desktop client like nheko and it comes to no avail.

Were you folks using script blocking addons by any chance? Have you tried doing no addons active?

I tried with Vivaldi and Safari with no add-ons. Same error message.

Bumping this as I’m encountering the same issue. I can’t sign up either at (with the error the OP mentioned) nor from the Element Android app to (Sorry, this server isn’t accepting new accounts.).

Is it expected or did something broke?

Daniel Grey (the polar bear profile-picture developer) said on the Matrix #general that registration is closed for the time. There’s probably a major thing going on with the services as searx hasn’t been working as well.

Ah great, thank you for the update @Bobelar ! :slight_smile:

I will keep monitoring the status.

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